As part of the Senate Order this page publishes the list of all appointments made by the Minister for each reporting period.

We produce a list of all appointments made by the government. The list also includes the place of permanent residence by state or territory of those appointees.

We also produce a list of all existing vacancies waiting for be filled by government appointment to statutory authorities, executive agencies, advisory boards, government business enterprises and all other Commonwealth bodies.

These lists are required by Senate Order of Continuing Effect (Order for the Production of Documents No. 15 Departmental and Agency Appointments and Vacancies), made on 24 June 2008 and amended on 12 May 2009.

The lists are tabled three times a year, no later than seven days before the start of:

  • Budget estimates
  • supplementary Budget estimates
  • additional estimates.

The reporting period starts on the day after the previous period ends. It lasts until two weeks before the next list is due for tabling.

Portfolio compliance

Earlier reports are available on request from us or from the Senate Tabling Office.

Reporting period