This Service Charter sets out our commitment to provide you, our clients, with a high level of service.

This service charter explains what we do and the standards of service you can expect from the Department of Communications and the Arts (we, us, our). It also explains the steps you can take if our service standards are not met.

We aim to promote innovative cultural and communications sectors through policy, program and service delivery to the benefit of all Australians.

We work closely and cooperatively with its portfolio agencies, industry, other government departments and agencies, state, territory and local governments, advisory bodies and members of the wider community.

Our values

We value and reward excellence. We encourage innovation and continually look for opportunities to improve processes, including using new technologies. We take personal responsibility for our actions. We display courteous and collegiate workplace behaviours and speak up constructively if our high standards are not met.

We conduct ourselves in accordance with the Australian Public Service Code of Conduct and the Australian Public Service Values. These are the foundation for our work and govern the way we relate to our clients and stakeholders.

Your rights

You are entitled to expect:

  • that we will abide by and protect your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles, which regulate how personal information is handled, used and managed by us
  • the right to seek access to Commonwealth documents we hold in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982
  • that your feedback and complaints will be treated seriously and impartially
  • that you will be treated with respect and consistently with Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws

For information about how we protect your privacy, including our privacy policy, please visit the Privacy page.

Our service standards

We are committed to achieving and maintaining a high level of service standards in all areas. We have established service standards to provide a benchmark which our performance can be measured against.

If you telephone us, we will identify ourselves by name and/or work area and will aim to resolve your enquiry during the call. If the enquiry is complex, we will respond to you within three working days.

If you contact us via our social channels, we will aim to be in touch with you within 24 hours (during the business week).

If you write or email us, we will respond to correspondence in a timely manner. We will reply in plain English, generally within 20 working days of receiving the correspondence.

If this is not possible, we will inform you of the time needed to provide a response and provide you with contact details if you have any further enquiries.

What this charter does not cover

This charter deals with the quality of services we provide. The following matters are not covered by this charter:

  • employment disputes
  • our handling of your personal information
  • administrative decisions made under a law
  • Government policy

If you are not satisfied with an administrative decision made under a law that affects you (for example, a decision under the Freedom of Information Act 1982), you may have the right to seek a review of the decision. You will be notified of any rights of review and/or appeal when you are advised of that administrative decision.

If you have a complaint about our handling of your personal information, you can  contact us at privacy [at] and we will generally aim to resolve your complain within 30 days. If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction by our timeframe, you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (see for more details).

Complaints handling

If you have a complaint about our services covered by this charter, you can:

Step 1: Contact the area within the department you have been dealing with about your complaint and the area will try to resolve the problem. 

Step 2: If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction by the particular area within 20 working days, contact the Client Service Manager with the full details of your complaint and the resolution you are seeking. The contact details of our Client Service Manager are provided below.

Step 3: The Client Service Manager will reply within 10 working days of receiving your complaint, and inform you:

  • about the process we will follow
  • the contact details of the person who will handle your complaint
  • any other important information about the process

Note: We are committed to resolving complaints internally within 20 working days whenever possible. If your complaint is complex and cannot be resolved within this timeframe, we will keep you informed of the progress.

Step 4: We will assess and (as required) investigate your complaint. At the end of the investigation, we will tell you about the outcome, and any decision we have made.

  • If your complaint highlights a systematic problem with us, we will take action to prevent it happening again
  • If your complaint identifies an improvement to our services, we will take action that we consider appropriate to improve.

Step 5: If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our assessment or investigation of your complaint, you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman (details can be found at or by telephone on 1300 362 072).   

How you can help us

You can assist us to provide a good service by:

  • providing timely, honest, complete and accurate information
  • treating our staff with courtesy
  • meeting any reciprocal obligations of the service relationship
  • providing feedback on the quality of our services

Enquiries and feedback

We value and appreciate your feedback on the quality, timeliness and responsiveness of our service. The options for sending your feedback are available from the Contact us link in the bottom right-hand corner of any page on the website.

You can also contact us Monday to Friday during business hours (except for ACT public holidays) on 1800 254 649 (free call) or 02 6271 1000.

Contacts and Information

Client Service Manager

Department of Communications and the Arts
GPO Box 2154
Canberra ACT 2601
Telephone: 1800 254 649 (free call) or 02 6271 1000

Email: clientservice [at]