To be eligible for employment with us, there are some mandatory conditions that you will need to meet.


Like the rest of the Australian Public Service, we can only employ Australian citizens. We can offer a job to permanent residents in exceptional circumstances, pending the granting of citizenship.

Redundancy payment

We are not able to employ people on an ongoing basis who have a recent redundancy payout from any Australian Public Service agency, the Australian Parliamentary Service, or the Murray Darling Basin Commission if they are still within the exclusion period.

The exclusion period is linked to the redundancy benefit. The Australian Public Service Commission provides more information about exclusion periods:

Security clearance

All our staff need to hold a valid security clearance applicable to the position. Before commencing employment you will need to obtain a 'Baseline' level security clearance, which must be maintained for the duration of your employment.

If you do not already have a valid security clearance, you will need to complete a security clearance package. We will use that to assess what, if any, risk is associated with letting you access classified information.

Police Check

All new staff and contractors are required to have a police check before they may be employed by us. A response from the relevant authority may take up to 12 days to be returned to us. This may mean your employment start date is delayed


The first six months you work for us is called the ‘probationary period’ during which we help you understand what is required of you in your new role, and assess your suitability for employment with us. If you are unable to perform to a satisfactory level during the probationary period we may end your employment before this period ends.

Health assessment

Before you start work with us, we’ll ask you to complete an Employment Health Declaration. We use it to:

  • consider any health issues and decide whether a medical examination is needed to determine whether you are fit to perform the role you are being employed for
  • help us provide an appropriate workplace area if you have a disability or a short-term injury.

Work health and safety

We have a culture of 'safety starts with me', because the responsibility for health and safety at work belongs to everyone.

Everyone who visits our office must comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (including the Regulations and Codes of Practice). This includes our employees, contractors, recruitment providers and visitors.

Formal qualifications

Some of our positions may require formal qualifications, in which case we will ask you to provide evidence of your qualification before starting employment with us. There may be circumstances where an offer of employment will be made pending evidence (for example if you are a graduate who has satisfactorily completed all the requirements of your course but the degree is yet to be conferred). If this is the case, we will confirm when you will need to submit this information.