The Department will undertake an efficiency review of the National Broadcasters prior to 2019–20 Triennium funding.

2018 National Broadcasters Efficiency Review

We are reviewing the efficiency of the national broadcasters—the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Special Broadcasting Service—ahead of their next round of funding.

The Federal Government funds the national broadcaster on triennial—or three year—contracts. The next funding will be announced for the three years from 2019–20.

This review is being led by communications industry leaders Peter Tonagh and Richard Bean, with support from our Department.

The review will help the ABC and SBS determine more efficient ways of operating.

Efficiency review—ABC and SBS—terms of reference


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This review will precede consideration of the next funding triennium for the national broadcasters, which commences from July 2019. The review will also take into account previous efficiency reviews, including the 2014 ABC and SBS Efficiency Study (the Lewis Review). Although the Lewis Review was completed relatively recently, a fresh review is warranted given the rapid pace at which the media sector is evolving.

2014 ABC and SBS Efficiency Study

In 2014 the ABC and SBS Efficiency Study focused on identifying outdated business and administrative practices and not the quality of programs, products and services. The financial information in this report has been redacted (blacked out) at the request of the ABC and SBS.