The Department has undertaken an efficiency review of the National Broadcasters prior to 2019–20 Triennium funding.

2018 National Broadcasters Efficiency Review

The National Broadcasters Efficiency Review has been provided to the national broadcasters.

The report’s recommendations are a matter for the ABC and SBS to independently consider.

The report contains some details that are commercial-in-confidence and the national broadcasters and the Department of Communications and the Arts has been discussing these matters.

The Government notes the boards and management of the national broadcasters require sufficient time to fully consider the findings of the review. The Minister has written to the Chairs of the broadcasters regarding the review.

Chairperson of the ABC - Ms Ita Buttrose AO OBE

Chairperson of SBS - Dr Bulent Hass Dellal AO

The Government has announced in the 2019-20 Budget that the broadcasters will receive more than $4 billion over the next three years to keep delivering their highly-valued services to the community. This funding is guaranteed and is not affected by the efficiency review.

Efficiency review—ABC and SBS—terms of reference


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This review will precede consideration of the next funding triennium for the national broadcasters, which commences from July 2019. The review will also take into account previous efficiency reviews, including the 2014 ABC and SBS Efficiency Study (the Lewis Review). Although the Lewis Review was completed relatively recently, a fresh review is warranted given the rapid pace at which the media sector is evolving.

2014 ABC and SBS Efficiency Study

In 2014 the ABC and SBS Efficiency Study focused on identifying outdated business and administrative practices and not the quality of programs, products and services. The financial information in this report has been redacted (blacked out) at the request of the ABC and SBS.