We’re undertaking the most significant change to Australian spectrum management in the last 25 years.

In 2015 the Government announced it would implement the recommendations of the Spectrum Review, including agreement to:

  • Replace the current legislative arrangements with new legislation that removes prescriptive processes and streamlines licensing for a simpler and more flexible framework.
  • Better integrate the management of public sector and broadcasting spectrum to improve the consistency and integrity of the framework.
  • Review spectrum pricing to ensure consistent and transparent arrangements to support the efficient use of spectrum and secondary markets.

In May 2017, the Government released a consultation package on these recommendations consisting of two components:

The package outlined how the new legislative arrangements and proposals for spectrum pricing and the management of Commonwealth spectrum might operate together. Consultation closed 28 July 2017 and submissions are available on the Consultation on new Spectrum legislation page.

Stakeholder feedback on the spectrum pricing and Commonwealth held spectrum consultation papers was used to assist the Government in its consideration of an appropriate spectrum pricing framework under the new legislative framework. It will also support the efficient management of Commonwealth held spectrum.

The reviews have been endorsed by Government. We’ll  now work with the Australian Communications and Media Authority on the implementation.

Feedback on the Exposure Draft of the new Radiocommunications Bill and consultation papers on the proposed approach to broadcasting and transitional arrangements is being used to finalise a draft of the Bill package required for introduction. There will be a second round of consultation before the Bill is finalised for introduction into parliament.

The reforms will put in place a framework that is simpler, more efficient, flexible and sustainable to support new and innovative technologies and services while providing certainty of spectrum access rights for users. In addition, regulatory burden on spectrum users will be reduced with simplified licence issue processes.