Digital radio services have commenced in some parts of Australia, where they operate alongside existing analogue AM and FM radio services. While digital radio technology offers higher audio quality and more services, it does not always achieve the same coverage as AM radio services. Unlike television, there are no plans to switchover to digital-only radio.

Digital radio availability

Digital radio services are transmitted by commercial, community and national broadcasters in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Trial broadcast services are also currently available in Canberra and Darwin. 

Information on where digital radio is transmitted and the services offered in each city is available on the radio industry website.

Do you need a new radio?

Digital radio is not currently available in all areas, so you should first confirm these services are transmitted in your area before you consider buying a digital radio. 

In order to receive digital radio services, you will need a digital receiver or a device with a Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus (DAB+) chip in it. Information on DAB+ receiver models and their retailers is available on the radio industry website.

Reviews into digital radio

The Department is currently conducting two statutory reviews into digital radio services in Australia, which will consider the regulatory regime and technologies. The Minister expects to report to the Parliament on the reviews shortly.

As part of the review process, the Department released a digital radio discussion paper in December 2013 (the submission period for this paper has now closed).

Note: the submission to the review is an amended version of the Department of Communications’ discussion paper.



Digital radio discussion paper

The Minister is reviewing the regulatory regime and technologies for digital radio services in Australia.