The Telstra Universal Service Obligation Performance Agreement (Agreement) sets out the scope of services to be performed by Telstra in delivering standard telephone services and payphone services under the USO. The Department assesses Telstra’s performance based on performance criteria linked to the scope of services to determine whether it has met the requirements set out in the Agreement. The performance criteria are based on fixed-line and payphone standards and benchmarks made under the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 (TCPSS Act).

Telstra is required to provide the Department with quantitative reporting that details performance against standard telephone services and payphone performance requirements. Telstra's performance is assessed annually at the end of the financial year, and published in annual reporting. Performance information prior to 1 July 2016 is contained in Telecommunications Universal Service Management Agency (TUSMA) Annual Reports.

In accordance with s.71 and s.72 of the TCPSS Act, the Department is required to maintain publicly-available registers of contracts and grants, including the Agreement, on its website. Details required to be published include:

  • the name of the contractor/grant recipient;
  • the value and duration of the contract/grant; and
  • a description of the scope of services required – in this case, under Module B – STS USO and Module C- Payphones USO, of the Agreement.

Relevant contract details on the Agreement are available online.