We are hosting a Regional Connectivity Program (RCP) noticeboard to facilitate linkages between telecommunications carriers and communities.

Potential telecommunications projects can now be added to the noticeboard.

State, territory and local governments, regional development authorities, industry, business and community groups, not-for-profits and First Nations community controlled organisations and other interested entities are invited to add their potential telecommunications project to the noticeboard.

Telecommunications carriers are invited to take a look at the project noticeboard. If there are potential projects you wish to develop into an application for the RCP, we encourage you to contact the proponent directly to develop your potential application.

Projects do not have to be on the noticeboard to be eligible for the RCP. The noticeboard will be online until the closing date for RCP applications.

If you would like more information about the RCP, you can see the draft program Guidelines which are open for consultation until 13 March 2020.

Project noticeboard

Take a look at our project noticeboard to find out if there are potential telecommunications projects you may wish to develop into a project application for the Regional Connectivity Program. Please register your potential project with us.

This noticeboard is for information purposes only. These projects have not been funded or endorsed by the Commonwealth. Projects on the noticeboard are not guaranteed funding, nor does the Commonwealth guarantee that any of the projects will be developed into an application. Views or recommendations provided in the project proposals do not necessarily reflect the views or recommendations of the Commonwealth nor indicate the Commonwealth's commitment to a particular course of action.

Proposing Organisation State Project Location Project Description Contact Details Further Information
Air@Wave Communications Pty. Ltd. Nationwide Opencell.Space is the World's first 100% 4G coverage solution from Space to your phone. Air@Wave Communications Pty. Ltd. (Sydney), is the inventor and developer of the Opencell.Space technology and will launch a low earth orbit constellation of satellites to provide mobile voice and data covering all the under-served populations of regional and remote Australia. Paris Michaels | paris.m@airwave.com.au | (02) 9290 8556
Example Organisation ACT Example Location Example Description Example Contact details 62345678