Information on policy, frameworks and related reviews.

Reviewing the NBN Co and industry regulatory arrangements

The Australian Government plans to give all Australians access to high-speed broadband. Reviews of the NBN Co have suggested how it could be done better and the appropriate regulatory framework to promote competition.

The Australian Government commissioned the Vertigan review (led by Dr Michael Vertigan AC) which provided three separate reports in 2014.

The Australian Government's response to the Vertigan review was released in December 2014.

The Australian Government examined the NBN Coproject as a whole via a strategic review of NBN Co and investigated the state of broadband availability and quality across the country to help guide the NBN Co rollout.

The Australian Government also examined the public policy processes that led to the NBN Co project commencing.

Senate Select Committee on the national broadband network

The Senate established a Select Committee on the national broadband network to inquire into and report on the government's reviews and governance of NBN Co Limited. The Committee tabled a second interim report on 19 March 2015 making five recommendations.

The Australian Government responded on 19 June 2015.

No double up—the adequately served policy

Some parts of Australia already have fibre networks with high-speed broadband services. The Minister granted some of these networks 'adequately served' status.

The Australian Government has decided that NBN Co should not build another fibre network over the top of any existing adequately served networks in residential areas. The only exception will be if it's too expensive or too hard to go around or past an existing network rather than just build over it.

There are 45 networks in residential estates that the Minister has granted adequately served status. The four carriers supplying these areas agreed to be the 'infrastructure provider of last resort': they must offer a connection to all premises in the nominated network areas on either a wholesale or retail basis. Households can still choose their own retail service provider. Providers can no longer apply for adequately served status.


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