Australia’s fixed line networks are being upgraded as the National Broadband Network (nbn) rolls out across the country. In areas being connected to fixed line nbn services, the existing Telstra local access networks will be switched off. Homes and businesses in these areas will need to move to the nbn to maintain fixed line internet and phone services.

Migrating your phone and internet services to the nbn

When do I need to migrate to the nbn?

Homes and businesses in the nbn fixed line footprint have a ‘migration window’ of 18 months to move to the new network. The migration window starts when NBN Co Limited (nbn) declares an area to be ‘ready for service’. The managed disconnection of Telstra’s local access networks (the copper and HFC networks) will commence at the end of the migration window, known as the disconnection date.

To minimise disruption to your services, it is recommended that you contact your preferred internet or phone service provider to order an nbn service as early as possible in the migration window.

How do I migrate to the nbn?

If your area is ready for service, you can contact your preferred phone or internet service provider to order an nbn service. You can check the status of your address on nbn’s website.

How much does it cost to connect to the nbn?

Standard installation of the nbn to your premises during the migration window is free of charge. You may incur additional charges if your premises requires upgrades to wiring or cabling or if you want a non-standard installation.

You should ask your preferred phone or internet service provider if there are likely to be any additional fees or equipment needed to connect your premises to the nbn.

What if I only use a phone service?

If you use a telephone service without internet (known as a ‘voice only’ service), you will still need to move this service to the nbn to maintain your fixed line connection.

You should contact your preferred phone or internet service provider to discuss how voice only services can be provided over the nbn.

Can I keep my phone number?

In most cases, you should be able to keep your existing telephone number when moving to the nbn. You should advise your preferred phone or internet service provider that you would like to keep your number when ordering your nbn service.

What if I have special features or over-the-top services on my current phone connection?

When you order your nbn service you will need to tell your phone or internet service provider if you have Priority Assistance status, any enhanced call features or other over-the-top services you want to migrate.

Enhanced call features may include:

  • privacy protection measures, such as silent numbers, calling number display and calling number display blocking
  • call waiting
  • call forwarding
  • call barring

Over-the-top services may include:

  • medical alarms
  • lift emergency phones
  • monitored fire alarms
  • monitored security alarm systems
  • ATMs and EFTPOS machines
  • fax machine & teletypewriter (TTY) devices

Priority Assistance status is given to phone users diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions who require a reliable phone connection. If you are already classified as a Priority Assistance customer with your provider, you should ask to move your status when you migrate your services to the nbn.

What if I have a medical alarm?

If you have a medical alarm at your premises, find out more information and register your details on the nbn medical alarm register.

What if I am in an nbn fixed wireless or satellite area?

If your home or business is in an nbn fixed wireless or Sky Muster (satellite) network area, you will have the choice of keeping your existing Telstra local access network voice telephone service or accessing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service over the nbn.

What happens if I don’t connect to the nbn before the disconnection date?

After a fixed line area passes its disconnection date, the existing Telstra local access network will be switched off. Any fixed line phone and internet services that you do not migrate before this date will stop working, unless subject to a specific exemption, such as for monitored fire alarms and lift emergency phone services that are registered (including the associated service phone number) on the nbn register.

If you choose not to connect to the nbn you will need to consider using an alternative communications platform, such as a mobile network.

In nbn fixed wireless and Sky Muster satellite network areas, existing telephone services on the Telstra local access network are not subject to disconnection.

Migration Assurance Policy

The Government’s Migration Assurance Policy (MAP) focuses on improving the migration process for customers and reducing the risk of disruption to their services. It also identifies people who may need extra support to migrate before the disconnection date.

The MAP features a policy statement and framework that set out who is involved in the migration process and what they need to do to support the transition of services, with a focus on active industry involvement throughout the migration process.

What happens if I have an issue with my nbn service?

If you have any issues with your nbn service, you should contact your phone and internet service provider in the first instance. Your service provider is best placed to work with nbn to resolve any issues about the installation, activation and service performance of nbn’s network.

If you are dissatisfied with the response you receive from your service provider, you can raise a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). The TIO is a free and independent alternative dispute resolution body for consumers with unresolved complaints about their telephone or internet services. You can visit the TIO website or call 1800 062 058.

You also have the option to contact nbn directly. However, nbn is only able to provide general advice and will not be aware of specific arrangements between you and your internet and phone service provider.

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