Frequently asked questions about the migration of monitored fire alarms and lift phones.

You have 18 months from when your premises is ‘ready for service’ to switch your monitored fire alarms and lift phones to the National Broadband Network (NBN), before your old services are disconnected. At this time your fire alarm and lift phones will cease to operate.

If you have fire alarms or lift emergency phones at your premises, register your details on NBN Co’s fire and lift register or by calling 1800 227 300.

The following information will be needed to register:

  • the monitored fire alarm or lift phone telephone number
  • details of the building location
  • contact details of the person registering.

Detailed information for building owners/managers and industry can be found in the Migration of monitored fire alarm and lift phone services good practice guide. The Guide sets out what parties involved in the migration of monitored fire alarms and lift phones need to do, options for migration paths, and other relevant considerations.