Your current telephone and internet services will not be switched to the NBN automatically. Find out what steps you need to take to prepare for your switch to the NBN.

Step 1: Check you're 'ready to connect'

You generally have 18 months from when your area is 'ready for service' to switch to the NBN, before your old internet and phone services are disconnected.

If you're unsure whether your area is ready for the NBN, go to and enter your address in the check your address tool.

The tool will tell you if you can connect to the NBN and will also tell you which technology will be used at your address. The 'fixed line' technology types are explained below:

If you're in a regional or remote area, you may have a fixed wireless or satellite connection.

Take action based on the result:

  • 'Service available': Move to step 2
    • You have 18 months to switch to the NBN or an alternative network (such as a mobile network) once your area is declared 'ready for service'.
    • After 18 months, if you live in a fixed line area, your old internet and phone network will be disconnected and your services will stop working.
    • If you're in a fixed wireless or satellite area, Telstra's copper network will remain, but you should follow the steps below to switch to an NBN service.
  • 'Planned' or 'Build commenced':  register your email address for updates in the check your address tool.

Step 2: Make an informed decision

You will need to place an order with a phone or internet service provider to switch to the NBN. Before deciding on your provider, you should consider what services you will need. For example:

  • Do you need a telephone service, internet service, or both?
  • How much data you currently use (check your bills), or may need in the future. This will help you decide how much data you need on the NBN.
  • What speed do you require? You need to decide what you will use your internet service for, as this will influence what speed you need in order to get a good service. Read about available speeds on the NBN Co website.
  • Which provider is best for you? Review the list of providers on the NBN Co website.

Critical Information Summaries

Review the Critical Information Summary of your preferred providers—you can request this prior to entering a new contract, service or plan.

The Critical Information Summary sets out clear information about products, plans and services of the provider, so you can easily compare what is being offered.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority fact sheet 'Critical Information Summaries for telco consumers' provides more information about this product.

Step 3: Contact your preferred provider

Contact your preferred phone or internet provider to discuss your requirements and order the most appropriate plan for your needs.

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions, and discuss any questions you have with the provider before signing up to a plan.

Tell your provider if:

  • you're a PRIORITY® ASSISTANCE customer—the Telstra website has information about PRIORITY® ASSISTANCE
  • you have special equipment that operates using a landline phone connection—this includes EFTPOS, fax machines, medical and security alarms. A list of other types of over-the-top services is provided in our frequently asked questions below.

Your provider will work with NBN Co on your behalf to arrange the installation of your service.

Watch: Preparing to connect

Watch: Home phone over the NBN

Watch: Medical Alarms and the NBN


Fact sheets

Connecting to the NBN


Download PDF (232.89 KB) Download DOC (140.11 KB)
Once you've selected your preferred provider for services over the NBN and signed up for a plan that suits your needs, your provider will work with NBN Co Ltd on your behalf to arrange the installation of your service. Read more about what to expect when connecting your home to the NBN.

Getting assistance with your NBN service


Download PDF (167 KB) Download DOC (137.7 KB)
If you have a concern or complaint about the installation, connection, repair or operation of your internet or phone services provided over the NBN, you should contact your service provider. Read more about how to get assistance with your NBN service.

Medical alarms, autodiallers and emergency buttons


Download PDF (197.54 KB) Download DOC (138.26 KB)
Medical alarms, autodiallers and emergency buttons that use a fixed line connection need to be migrated to the National Broadband Network, or an alternative operating platform, before your existing service is disconnected. Read about how to register your details on NBN Co’s Medical Alarm Register.

Power outages and the NBN


Download PDF (180.62 KB) Download DOC (138.03 KB)
Equipment connected over the National Broadband Network will not work during a power outage. Read about how to plan for power outages and emergencies.

Your home phone and the NBN


Download PDF (238.92 KB) Download DOC (141.35 KB)
The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a major upgrade to Australia's national telecommunications infrastructure, and will deliver fast broadband to all Australian homes and businesses. In NBN fixed line areas, if you only use a landline telephone service without internet (known as a 'voice only' service), you need to move this service to the NBN.

Frequently asked questions