Switching to the NBN is not automatic. You generally have 18 months from when your area is ‘ready for service’ to switch your business to the NBN, before your old internet and phone services are disconnected.

Switching business services to the NBN can be more complex and require a different level of service compared to your home. Get in touch with your preferred phone or internet provider as soon as possible to make a plan to move your business services to the NBN.

Step 1: Check you’re ‘ready to connect’

If you’re unsure whether your area is ready for the NBN, go to the business portal of the NBN Co website and enter your business address in the check your address tool.

The tool will tell you which technology will connect your business to the NBN. Technology in fixed line areas include:

If you’re in a regional or remote area, you may have a fixed wireless or satellite connection.

Take action based on the result:

  • ‘Service available’: Move to step 2
    • You have 18 months to switch to the NBN or an alternative network (such as a mobile network) once your area is declared ‘ready for service’.
    • After 18 months, if you’re business is in a fixed line area, your old internet and phone network will be disconnected and your services will stop working.
    • If you’re in a fixed wireless or satellite area, Telstra’s copper network will remain, but you should follow the below steps to switch your business to an NBN service.
  • ‘Planned’ or ‘Build commenced’: register your business email address for updates in the check your address tool.

Step 2: Make an informed decision

Review the information on the business portal of the NBN Co website.

Complete the NBN CoBusiness Readiness Checklist. It will help you identify all the technologies, systems and services that apply to your business and the recommended actions to help switch your services to the NBN or an alternative network.

Research phone and internet service providers and consider:      

  • how much speed you need – read about available speeds on the NBN Co website
  • how much data you currently use, as this will help you decide how much you need on the NBN
  • which provider is best for you based on your business’ needs – review the list of providers on the NBN Co website
  • whether you have any Special Services
  • where your NBN Co supplied equipment can be installed at your premises – discuss your preferred location with your installer
  • whether you need additional wiring – ask your provider for a quote if needed.

Critical Information Summaries

Review the Critical Information Summary of your preferred providers – you can request this prior to entering a new contract, service or plan.

The Critical Information Summary sets out clear information about products, plans and services of the provider, so you can easily compare what is being offered.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority fact sheet ‘Critical Information Summaries for telco consumers’ provides more information about this product. 

Step 3: Contact your preferred provider

Contact your preferred phone or internet provider to discuss your requirements and order the most appropriate plan for your needs.

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions, and discuss any questions you have with the provider before signing up to a plan.

Some existing devices may not be compatible with the NBN. Make sure you talk to both your service and device providers about:

  • security alarm systems and cameras
  • EFTPOS or health claim terminals
  • On-site ATMs
  • fax machines and teletypewriter devices
  • PBX systems or multiple phone lines
  • lift phones
  • monitored fire alarms and lift phones.

You should also talk to your provider about keeping your existing business telephone number when you switch your service to the NBN.

Special Services

‘Special Services’ are business telecommunication products delivered on copper (other than your standard landline or internet services). They include:

  • Ethernet Lite DSL
  • Wholesale Business DSL (W-BDSL)
  • ATM
  • Wholesale ATM
  • CustomNet
  • Megalink
  • Wholesale Transmission (WTx)
  • DDS Fastway
  • Data Access Radial (DAR)
  • ISDN2
  • ISDN
  • Frame Relay

The disconnection of these Special Services differ. Review the table on the NBN Co website to find out when a service is being disconnected, and talk to your provider about switching your Special Services to the NBN. Read more about Special Services on the NBN Co website.


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