We work with international and Australian agencies to manage the DNS system—the global website addressing system.

Domain names and IP addresses

The domain name system (DNS) underpins the operation of the internet. The DNS is the global database that translates website names (such as www.communications.gov.au) into computer-readable internet protocol (IP) addresses.

We participate in organisations to manage the DNS:

The .au domain

.au is Australia’s country code domain. The Government has delegated responsibility for .au to the .au Domain Administration (auDA), an independent not-for-profit industry body which develops and implements .au domain policies.

On 19 October 2017 the Government announced a review of the management of the .au domain to ensure it remains fit-for-purpose in Australia’s digital landscape.

The review has now been completed. The key finding is that the current management framework is no longer fit-for-purpose and needs to be reformed. The Government has accepted all 29 recommendations of the review, and the Minister for Communications has issued new terms of endorsement for auDA.

The Department will be working closely with auDA to implement the required reforms. This will include auDA establishing a new reporting framework to report transparently against.

The Australian Government also has some powers relating to the Australian domain: