The Australian Government funds the Digital Enterprise programme to provide free group training and face-to-face support to help small-to-medium enterprises and not-for-profit organisations improve the way they do business and deliver services online.

The programme ends in June 2016.

Small-medium businesses can learn how to:

  • to improve their productivity with new technologies
  • learn how to reach wider markets through an online presence
  • use videoconferencing more regularly
  • find ways to increase business efficiencies.

Not-for-profit organisations can learn how to:

  • build relationships with customers, clients and donors through social media
  • find more efficient ways to deliver their products and services over the internet.

Here is a list of Digital Enterprise locations.

The Virtual Advisor programme

The online Virtual Advisor programme is for small-to-medium business (if they own or run it), and not-for-profit organisations in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia. There is a strong focus on helping Indigenous businesses and not-for-profits. The Virtual Advisor programme has not more funding rounds.

TAFE NSW Western Institute delivers the Virtual Advisor programme.

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Digital business kits

Digital business kits are available for nine industry sectors in Australia. The kits were developed by the peak bodies in each sector, with funding from the Australian Government.

The kits are tailored for small-to-medium business and not-for-profit organisations in each of the sectors. They are 'how-to' guides that aim to help businesses and not-for-profits make better use of use high-speed broadband to develop their businesses.

The kits include online tutorials and case studies that show how using digital technologies can improve interactions with customers and suppliers, support cloud computing and expand access to new markets.

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