The BCR, is a professional, independent, economic and statistical research unit in the Department of Communications and the Arts. With a digital focus, it supports the development of good public policy through sound, fact-based policy development and advice based on economic and statistical research and analysis.

The BCR – led by Chief Economist, Dr Paul Paterson—is our independent, economic and statistical research unit. We support good public policy in the communications sector by: 

  • researching economic and technological developments
  • analysing international communications policy, trends and issues
  • publishing communications data and research in an easy-to-read format so government, researchers and the public can use the information, and
  • working with people in the communications sector to support informed discussion on policy and regulatory issues.

Key objectives of the BCR

  1. Strengthen the department's capacity for fact-based policy development and advice.
  2. Stimulate informed public discussion and debate on emerging policy issues.
  3. Deepen the department's stakeholder engagement with the communications sector.

Our strategic research framework 

The BCR’s strategic research framework is guided by four main principles:

  1. Promote understanding and importance of Australia’s ‘digital platform’ to the economy.
  2. Identify key blockers and enablers of innovation in the sector.
  3. Identify the priority policies that stimulate innovation and growth.
  4. Strengthen policy development and debate through a strong fact base and insights on the sector.

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