Cultural and creative activity in Australia, 2008–09 to 2017–18—explanatory notes


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The Bureau of Communications, Arts and Regional Research (BCARR) within the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications has estimated the economic contribution of cultural and creative activity in Australia over a 10 year period, from 2008–09 to 2017–18. The explanatory notes provided in this document should be used in reference to the tables and figures shown in the BCARR visual summary document: Cultural and creative activity in Australia, 2008–09 to 2017–18.

Measuring the digitalisation of Australia’s economy 2012–13 to 2016–17—Statistical working paper—experimental estimates


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Advances in communications technologies are transforming Australia’s economy. Digitalisation—the use of digital technologies to transform business activities—is giving businesses greater connectivity and efficiency through new communication channels, data management systems and an increased online presence. These activities are found across all sectors of the economy.

Affordability of communications services for low income households


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In 2017, the Bureau of Communications and Arts Research found that the affordability of communications services in Australia had improved overall. In general, consumers were getting better value as prices stayed the same or fell, while product inclusions (such as data) increased. This paper updates and extends that analysis.