We are the Australian Government’s lead advisor on communications and the arts. We work to promote innovative cultural and communications sectors through policy advice, program implementation and service delivery to the benefit of all Australians.
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Classification of films, computer games and publications is important to the Australian Government.


Copyright provides legal protection for people who express ideas and information in certain forms.

Prim Minister's Literary Awards
Prime Minister's Literary Awards

The Prime Minister's Literary Awards celebrate outstanding literary talent in Australia and the valuable contribution Australian literature and history makes to the nation's cultural and intellectual life.

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Classification Classification
The Minister for Communications has announced that Australia will conduct a 12 month pilot of the Netflix classification tool.
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The second round of the Australian Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program has been announced.
Copyright Copyright
The Government has reappointed the Honourable Justice Jayne Jagot as Deputy President of the Copyright Tribunal of Australia...
Classification Classification
Hoyts and Village Cinemas now give you more access to consumer advice for your movie-going adventures.

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Budget 2016-2017

2016-17 Budget – Communications and the Arts Portfolio

Information relating to the Communications and the Arts Portfolio Budget for 2016-17