2020-21 Corporate plan now availabile.
2020–21 Corporate Plan

Our 2020-21 Corporate Plan describes our purposes and activities, and how our work touches every Australian community and underpins our economy and society. It also describes the operating environment in which we work, how we will measure our performance, build capability and manage our risks.

Statement of Expectations


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This Statement of Expectations is issued by Shareholder Ministers and guides NBN Co Ltd to ensure its strategic direction aligns with the Government’s objectives for delivery of the network. It replaces previous statements provided to the company and will be updated as required to reflect future decisions by the Government.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2016–2019


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We promotes an innovative, competitive, communications sector, encourages excellence in the arts, and supports cultural heritage and public access to arts and culture. To be the best we can be, we will have an inclusive and professional workplace that values, respects and supports diversity and inclusion.

Review of the National Triple Zero (000) Operator—implementation plan


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For over 50 years, the Triple Zero (000) emergency call service has remained a reliable and highly trusted service within the Australian community. In 2014, a Review of the national Triple Zero operator (the Review) was announced to explore how the service can improve and continue to offer a world-class and technologically-adaptable service.

Explanatory Statement for Determination under Paragraph (15)(d) No. 1 of 2016 of the Telecommunications (Carrier Licence Charges) Act 1997


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The Determination sets out the amount for the purposes outlined in paragraph 15(1)(d) of the Act (i.e. the amount determined to be ‘the estimated total amount of grants likely to be made during the financial year under section 593 of the Telecommunications Act 1997’) at $2,196,000 for 2015-2016 financial year.

BCR Digital Productivity Report


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IT use and Australia’s productivity: Where are we now? uses ‘growth accounting’ analysis to measure the labour-saving effects of computers on labour productivity growth in Australia.