2020-21 Corporate plan now availabile.
2020–21 Corporate Plan

Our 2020-21 Corporate Plan describes our purposes and activities, and how our work touches every Australian community and underpins our economy and society. It also describes the operating environment in which we work, how we will measure our performance, build capability and manage our risks.

Affordability of communications services for low income households


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In 2017, the Bureau of Communications and Arts Research found that the affordability of communications services in Australia had improved overall. In general, consumers were getting better value as prices stayed the same or fell, while product inclusions (such as data) increased. This paper updates and extends that analysis.

Social media policy


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The Social Media Public Policy explains what you can expect from us and the things we expect from you in all of our social media activities.

Australian Government response to the 2018 Regional Telecommunications Independent Committee report: 2018 Regional Telecommunications Review: Getting it right out there


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The 2018 Regional Telecommunications Review examined how people use telecommunications services in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia and how regional communities can maximise the economic, social and future opportunities enabled by digital technologies and services.