2019–20 Corporate Plan.
2019–20 Corporate Plan

The 2019–20 Corporate Plan sets our course for the future, identifying our purposes, operating environment, capability and risk oversight and management.

Your home phone and the NBN


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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a major upgrade to Australia's national telecommunications infrastructure, and will deliver fast broadband to all Australian homes and businesses. In NBN fixed line areas, if you only use a landline telephone service without internet (known as a 'voice only' service), you need to move this service to the NBN.

Medical alarms, autodiallers and emergency buttons


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Medical alarms, autodiallers and emergency buttons that use a fixed line connection need to be migrated to the National Broadband Network, or an alternative operating platform, before your existing service is disconnected. Read about how to register your details on NBN Co’s Medical Alarm Register.

Affordability of communications services for low income households


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In 2017, the Bureau of Communications and Arts Research found that the affordability of communications services in Australia had improved overall. In general, consumers were getting better value as prices stayed the same or fell, while product inclusions (such as data) increased. This paper updates and extends that analysis.