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Government use of copyright material


The Copyright Act 1968 sets out a government use statutory licence. Under this licence, the Australian Government is allowed to use whatever copyright material it needs, for official purposes

Marrakesh Treaty for people with print disability


Australia was among the first 20 countries to join the Marrakesh Treaty, which came into force on 30 September 2016. The Treaty is an international agreement that will help an estimated 285 million people worldwide have greater access to books published in accessible formats such as large print, braille or audio.

Exemption from the pit and pipe requirements


The Minister has exempted certain types of developments in rural and remote areas from the requirements to install fibre-ready pit and pipe under Part 20A of the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Telecommunications Legislation Amendment Bill 2018


New legislation will allow emergency service organisations and others to gain access to NBN infrastructure and also allows temporary telecommunications towers to be specified as low-impact facilities.