Did you know that checking what telecommunications infrastructure is available is an important step before buying or building your new home?

If you don't check what telecommunications infrastructure is being installed, you could be without broadband or phone services for longer than you expect and you may not be able to access the services you need. You may also be subject to additional costs to access these services.

This page provides information about what to do if you are a new home buyer or developer, to make sure your development has timely access to modern broadband and phone services.

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New home buyers

  • If you are planning to buy or build a property in a new development, you should check that your developer has arranged for telecommunications infrastructure to be installed before signing a contract. This is important so you can access the broadband and phone services you want when you move in.
  • If there is no telecommunications infrastructure, you may face significant inconvenience, delays and extra costs to have it installed.
  • You should ask your developer or the person selling the property what telecommunications infrastructure and retail services will be provided in the development, who is providing them, and when services will be available.
  • You can also check your development on our Telecommunications in New Developments Map to see if it is listed and which provider is servicing it.
  • If you are building a new home, you should make sure you think about how you want to cable your home for broadband and phone use to suit your needs, before finalising the design of your home. If you do this after your home is complete, it may be more costly.


  • If you are a developer, you are responsible for providing telecommunications infrastructure in your developments.
  • Providing modern telecommunications in your developments may help make them more attractive to potential buyers.
  • You can choose any carrier you want to service your development.
  • If you don't wish to choose another carrier, nbn is the infrastructure provider of last resort in larger developments (100 lots or more) and Telstra is in smaller developments (less than 100 lots).
  • Carriers, including nbn and Telstra, can charge for providing infrastructure in new developments.
  • To support the roll out of telecommunications in new developments, Part 20A of the Telecommunications Act and associated rules require developers who are constitutional corporations to install fibre-ready pit and pipe for use by carriers.
  • Exemptions from pit and pipe installation requirements can be sought for certain types of developments in rural, bushland and remote locations that meet strict criteria. We maintain a register of developments exempted from these requirements.

Telecommunications in new developments map

We have launched an interactive site where carriers can map the developments where they are providing telecommunications infrastructure.

At the moment it is voluntary for carriers to provide this information on the developments they service, so the map does not capture all carriers and new developments, but it is worth checking whether your development may be listed.

If you would like your development listed, encourage the carrier who is servicing your development to share their data on the map. They can do so by emailing greenfields [at] communications.gov.au to receive instructions on how to upload data.

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Telecommunications in new developments policy

The Government has published a detailed policy on the provision of telecommunications in new developments.

The policy will make infrastructure delivery more efficient and innovative by promoting competition between providers.

The Government is now looking at new rules that set minimum standards for telecommunications in new developments and industry coordination.

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Telecommunications infrastructure in new developments policy

Published 21st Mar 2016

Download PDF (1.6 MB) Download DOC (1.39 MB)
This document sets out the Australian Government's revised policy on the provision of telecommunications infrastructure in new developments. The policy's fundamental objective is to increase efficiency and broaden choice in the provision of telecommunications in these areas by encouraging fair competition and ensuring some recovery of costs up front. The policy is effective from 1 March 2015.

Telecommunications in new developments—a guide for consumers

Published 21st Mar 2016

Download PDF (505.13 KB) Download DOC (1.28 MB)
The Australian Government’s Telecommunications Infrastructure in New Developments Policy sets out the arrangements for telecommunications infrastructure in new developments. This fact sheet provides an overview of the policy to help people buying homes in new developments.

Telecommunications in new developments—a guide for industry

Published 21st Mar 2016

Download PDF (569.94 KB) Download DOC (1.29 MB)
The Australian Government has issued a new policy on the provision of telecommunication infrastructure in new developments. This factsheet provides an overview of the policy to help people working on new developments such as developers, installers of pit and pipe, builders and cablers.