Unico is software development company with a 35-year history of working with the largest telecommunications providers in Australia to develop and integrate some of their largest systems. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we begun looking at solutions to help organisations return to their office buildings which had been left empty. Through this we created our return to work solution, JourneyHub. JourneyHub is our software platform that uses data from sensors, cameras and a host of other IoT devices to enable effective social distancing, asset booking, regulation compliance and delivers traffic and occupancy insights for a building. JourneyHub also allows for the integration of many building systems to create one central and easy to use platform.

As the pandemic has lingered on, we have identified that this technology is not just necessary for commercial buildings and will be an integral part of returning to a new normal across many industries. We are looking to partner with other organisations to help take our technology to new industries where we can implement IoT devices and integrate major building systems. 5G will enable the building systems to interact in real time and help us provide full scale visualisation on building usage and occupancy. We see clear use cases for this technology in industries like health and aged care, transport, entertainment and construction. We are open to discussion to partnership for this grant and look forward to hearing from prospective organisations.

Contact details: 

Name: James Hunt
Phone: 0424 933 545