13 August 2015
On 1 October 2015, nbn will launch the first of two new satellites that will provide high speed broadband to even the most remote areas of...
Satellite in space circling earth.
Internet: NBN, competition, consumer safeguards. Internet
11 August 2015
The Government has released use cases collected as part of a study into the new and innovate ways Australian organisations are using open...
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31 July 2015
In his first speech streamed live to the broader Australian Public Service, Digital Transformation Office CEO Paul Shetler shared his vision for a...
DTO - Paul Shetler - think big, start small.
27 July 2015
As the Department of Communications follows the road to innovation, it faces some challenges but many potential benefits.
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Bureau of Communications Research Bureau of Communications and Arts Research
22 July 2015
This week the Productivity Commission (PC) released its productivity update 2015, analysing Australia's productivity performance in 2013–14.
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Internet: NBN, competition, consumer safeguards. Internet
22 July 2015
The Government has released new research on the levels of online copyright infringement in Australia and why people choose to download content...
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20 July 2015
Introducing mixed reality as a mainstay of digital media. ...
Stones stacked in front of ocean and blue sky.
Radio: frequency, broadcasting, ABC and SBS. Radio
8 July 2015
The Government has released its digital radio review report.
Digital radio.
Television: licensing, advertising, SBS and ABC. Television
3 July 2015
Summary of investigation report.
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Internet: NBN, competition, consumer safeguards. Internet
26 June 2015
The Minister for Communications and the Attorney-General have announced reforms to better protect Australia’s telecommunications networks.
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