Internet: NBN, competition, consumer safeguards. Internet
6 December 2017
The Government has introduced legislation to prohibit the non-consensual sharing or threat to share intimate images online.
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Copyright Copyright
6 December 2017
A Bill was introduced in Parliament today to extend safe harbour provisions in the Copyright Act 1968.
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Copyright Copyright
5 December 2017
From 1 January 2019, new copyright terms will apply works, sound recordings and films, dependent upon whether the material has been made public...
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Internet: NBN, competition, consumer safeguards. Internet
29 November 2017
We're hosting a meeting in December 2017 to discuss the management framework of Australia’s .au domain.
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Television: licensing, advertising, SBS and ABC. Television
24 November 2017
Applications are now open for non-executive directors for the ABC and SBS Boards.
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22 November 2017
Applications are now open for the Priority Locations funding round of the Mobile Black Spot Program....
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Internet: NBN, competition, consumer safeguards. Internet
16 November 2017
We’ve released a discussion paper on the management of Australia’s .au domain and want to hear from you.
14 November 2017
Australia has been recognised with an award for our substantial contribution to the development work of the International Telecommunication Union ...
Left: Houlin Zhao: ITU Secretary-General Middle: Dr Tobias Feakin: Australian Ambassador for Cyber Affairs Right: Brahima Sanou: Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau
Internet: NBN, competition, consumer safeguards. Internet
7 November 2017
NBN Co has announced new measures to improve the experience for small-to-medium businesses and large enterprises in migrating to the National...
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Copyright Copyright
7 November 2017
We have released the results of the 2017 online copyright infringement survey, showing Australians are embracing streaming services and are more...
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