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3 July 2015
Summary of Investigation Report
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26 June 2015
The Minister for Communications and the Attorney-General have announced reforms to better protect Australia’s telecommunications networks.
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25 June 2015
The government has announced almost 500 new or upgraded mobile base stations will be rolled out around Australia under the Mobile Black Spot...
Bureau of Communications Research Bureau of Communications Research
17 June 2015
As part of its work on analysing digital productivity, the Bureau of Communications Research (BCR) has released the first part of a leading project...
2 June 2015
The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) has reviewed key government agencies to improve the capability of the Australian Public Service as...
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27 May 2015
The Government has released its policy on providing telecommunications in new developments.
Spectrum icon Spectrum
22 May 2015
The government has released a report on the future directions for spectrum management.
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7 May 2015
We have undertaken a review of the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) and released a report of its findings.
Stay Smart Online Stay Smart Online
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24 March 2015
Part I of a series on cybersecurity in early childhood education and care.
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19 March 2015
The Government has appointed the Children’s e-Safety commissioner to improve online safety for Australian Children.