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21 May 2018
Don’t get caught out by scammers: stop and check, ‘is this for real?’.
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8 May 2018
The Government has announced the 2018-19 Budget measures for the Communications and Arts portfolio.
Budget 2018-19
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2 May 2018
An independent committee has been appointed to undertake a review of regional telecommunication services.
2018 Regional Telecommunications Review
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1 May 2018
The Mobile Black Spot Program has reached a new milestone this week, with Telstra switching on its 400th mobile base station under the program.
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26 April 2018
An expert panel is examining whether our national broadcasters are operating in a manner consistent with the general principles of competitive...
Inquiry into the competitive neutrality of the national broadcasters
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23 April 2018
This World Book and Copyright Day, take the time to learn how upcoming copyright changes may affect you.
World book and copyright day
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18 April 2018
The Government has released a report on the findings of the review of the .au Domain Administration (auDA).
Bureau of Communications Research Bureau of Communications and Arts Research
9 April 2018
The Bureau of Communications and Arts Research today released its assessment of the potential impacts of 5G on Australia’s productivity and growth.
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5 April 2018
The Government has announced the locations that will receive new and improved mobile coverage in the latest round of the Mobile Black Spot Program.
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4 April 2018
We have issued a Request for Tender today to sustain delivery of the National Relay Service.
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