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13 February 2017
Despite the rise of television, the internet and online streaming, radio continues to be one of the main ways we consume media.
23 December 2016
The Department of Communications and the Arts and the Attorney-General's Department are reviewing the restriction on civil litigants' access to...
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Classification Classification
21 December 2016
Be informed before you head to the movies this summer with our breakdown of the classifications of this summer’s blockbuster films.
Know before you go – Summer movie Classification list
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20 December 2016
The Australian Government presented the Productivity Commission's final report on its Inquiry into Australia's Intellectual Property (IP)...
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20 December 2016
The Ernst & Young Cost Benefit Analysis Report has been published.
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15 December 2016
The next DC superhero movie Aquaman is set to be filmed in Australia in 2017.
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Classification Classification
7 December 2016
The Minister for Communications has announced that Australia will conduct a 12 month pilot of the Netflix classification tool.
Minister for Communications and the Arts Mitch Fifield and Mike Hastings, Director of Enhanced Content at Netflix
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1 December 2016
The second round of the Australian Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program has been announced.
Mobile phone base station at longreach QLD
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30 November 2016
The Government has reappointed the Honourable Justice Jayne Jagot as Deputy President of the Copyright Tribunal of Australia for a further five...
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Classification Classification
23 November 2016
Hoyts and Village Cinemas now give you more access to consumer advice for your movie-going adventures.