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29 April 2016
Fast broadband is now available those living in regional Australia with the nbn satellite Sky Muster offering commercial services from today.
Satellite dishes
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28 April 2016
New protections for consumers and tougher laws against overseas gambling providers have been announced today in response to the O'Farrell Review i...
Login screen with username and password options.
28 April 2016
April 28 is Girls in ICT Day – an annual International Telecommunications Union (ITU) event to empower and encourage girls and young women to...
Jo Brennan IT Security Advisor
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21 April 2016
A consumer market hungry for data is driving competition and leading to better service offerings for Australians, according to two new reports.
ACCC 2014–15 telco reports released
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14 April 2016
Very few elements of modern technology have a name sourced from 1970s British comedy, but spam is an exception.
Spam, spam, spam and spam
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7 April 2016
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released the Internet Activity, Australia, December 2015 (cat no 8153.0).
Person touching a tablet device
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1 April 2016
Girls in ICT Day is an annual International Telecommunications Union (ITU) event.
Two girls looking at a tablet
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31 March 2016
With a history dating back to the 1960s, virtual reality (VR) technology has not shared in the rapid development and success often associated...
From virtual novelty to virtual reality
24 March 2016
We have released a consultation paper on options to improve communication options for Australians with disability and ensure the sustainability of...
Communications accessibility: 2016 and beyond
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23 March 2016
Did you know that as well being a traditional Easter treat, the term "Easter egg" also denotes a hidden feature that can be found in a variety of...
A timely piece of egg-ducation