The Government is undertaking a review of Australian media services in the Asia-Pacific.

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Your views will assist in analysing the current coverage and access of Australian media in the Asia Pacific region and the use and value of Australian shortwave technology.
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You can provide a submission to this public consultation process. Submissions are due by 3 August 2018.
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We are seeking stakeholder views on the reach of Australian media in the Asia Pacific region.

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Consultation Period:  June 04, 2018 09:00 AEST to August 03, 2018 17:00 AEST

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation ceased shortwave broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region in January 2017 ahead of a transition to FM transmission.

The review is assessing the reach of Australia's media in the Asia-Pacific region, including examining whether shortwave radio technology should be used.

All media distribution platforms—television, radio and online—are being examined including commercial, community and publicly funded services.

The review is also looking at different types of technologies such as analogue, digital and satellite radio and television services and online services.

Relevant Documentation

Review of Australian Broadcasting Services in the Asia Pacific – Terms of Reference

Published 4th Jun 2018

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The Government is undertaking a review of Australian media services in the Asia Pacific, including the role of shortwave radio. The review is being conducted jointly by the Department of Communications and the Arts and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Started June 04, 2018 09:00 AEST
Ended August 03, 2018 17:00 AEST
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Individual Submission - Al Kirton

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