We are seeking suggestions from the screen production sector and interested individuals on how the government can best support the production of Australian and children’s screen content.

How it works

Why we want your input
There are many different policy options available and we want your views to help us identify what would work the best.
How you can voice your opinion
You can provide a submission in response to our consultation paper, fill out our online form, email us your ideas or meet with us to discuss.
What will be the outcome of this consultation?
Your submissions will help us identify effective policy options that will ensure the continued availability of Australian and children’s screen content.

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The Issue
Consultation Period: 
August 10, 2017 10:00 AEST to September 21, 2017 17:00 AEST

UPDATE: The consultation period for this review has ended, however some important stakeholders have requested a short extensions in order to provide their submissions. As such, we are still welcoming submissions provided via email. If you are still considering lodging a submission, please don’t delay.

Over the past decade, fundamental changes to the way Australians consume content have taken place in the media landscape, defined by the entry of new online services offering catch up TV, streaming, subscription video on demand and user generated video. In this rapidly changing environment, we need to review our support and regulatory measures to ensure they remain fit for purpose in the digital era.

The Australian Government is undertaking the Australian and Children’s Screen Content Review to develop policy settings that will ensure Australian screen content continues to be available at home and overseas, regardless of platform.

The Review is being conducted by a taskforce made up of us, the Australian Communications and Media Authority and Screen Australia.

The taskforce has developed a consultation paper which summarises the issues and presents a number of questions for consideration. You can have your say by making a detailed formal submission below.

We’ve also set up an online form if you want to make a quick submission responding to the questions.

You can alsocontentreview [at] communications.gov.au ( email) us your thoughts or arrange a meeting:

Relevant Documentation

Consultation Paper

Published 10th Aug 2017

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Consultation Paper for the Australian and Children’s Screen Content Review.


Started August 10, 2017 10:00 AEST
Ended September 21, 2017 17:00 AEST
Days Remaining 0 of 42
Now under review

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We invite you to tell us your views on this topic.

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All submissions to be made public need to meet the Digital Service Standard for accessibility. Any submission that does not meet this standard may be modified before being made public.

If your submission is to be made public, please ensure you do not include any personal information that you don't want to be published.

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