An independent committee is conducting a review of regional telecommunications issues and want to hear from you about your experiences.

How it works

Why we want your input?
We want to ensure that regional Australians can access the social and economic benefits that 21st century communications can provide. Your input will help inform Government about current regional telecommunications issues, how Australians are using these services, and examine what is needed going forward.
How you can voice your opinion?
You can have your say by reading the issues paper and providing a comment or submission below.
What will be the outcome of this consultation?
The committee wants to hear your views on regional telecommunication issues, including how people are using their telecommunications services and the issues that most affect them.

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The Issue
Consultation Period: 
June 07, 2018 09:00 AEST to August 05, 2018 17:00 AEST

Telecommunications services are vital to participate in today’s society – particularly for business, education, health, social and safety activities.

Every three years the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee (the Committee) is established under Part 9B of the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 to conduct a review into telecommunications services in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia.

The Minister for Regional Communications announced the 2018 Committee on 30 April 2018. The Committee is comprised of Mr Sean Edwards (Chair), Ms Wendy Duncan, Ms Johanna Plante, Ms Robbie Sefton, Ms Kylie Stretton and Mr Paul Weller.

As part of the review, the Committee will consider:

  • how regional communities can maximise the economic benefits of digital technologies
  • how regional Australians use their broadband service and how they could achieve further benefits from it
  • the outcomes achieved through the Mobile Black Spot Program, and remaining gaps in mobile coverage in regional Australia.

The Committee has released an issues paper below which provides an outline of key interest areas you can respond to. There are questions to provide guidance and you can address all of the questions or just those that are relevant to you in your comment or submission. Your comments are also not limited to the questions.

The Committee will also meet face-to-face with communities, business and governments across regional, rural and remote Australia.

The Committee will report to the Minister for Regional Communications by 30 September 2018.

Visit the Committee’s website for more information about the review and the consultation process, and how to get involved in a public consultation session near you.

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Started June 07, 2018 09:00 AEST
Ends August 05, 2018 17:00 AEST
Days Remaining 46 of 59

Formal Submission

The Committee welcomes submissions from individuals, businesses, peak bodies and other interested organisations.

Please include:

  • contact name
  • organisation name, if applicable
  • contact details, including telephone number, postal and email addresses
  • confirmation whether or not your submission can be made public—published—or kept confidential.

All submissions to be made public need to meet the Digital Service Standard for accessibility. Any submission that does not meet this standard may be modified before being made public.

If your submission is to be made public, please ensure you do not include any personal information that you don't want to be published.

Please click on the 'Have your say now' button below to make a formal submission.

You can also submit your views through our online form.

Alternatively please email your completed template submission to secretariat [at] or send it to:

2018 Regional Telecommunications Review Secretariat
Department of Communications and the Arts
GPO Box 2154
Canberra ACT 2601