Position Description of Non-judicial members of the Copyright Tribunal of Australia


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The Copyright Tribunal of Australia is an independent specialist body established by the Copyright Act 1968 (Copyright Act). The Tribunal’s key function is to determine remuneration payable under the licence schemes provided for under the Copyright Act (eg provisions that permit reproduction of certain copyright materials by educational institutions, institutions assisting persons with certain disabilities, and government agencies). The Tribunal has jurisdiction to confirm or vary an existing or proposed voluntary licence scheme, or substitute a new scheme, where it has been referred to it by a party.

Applications are sought for the appointment of part-time non-judicial members to the Tribunal.

The Copyright Act provides that non-judicial appointees to the Tribunal must satisfy one of the following:

  1. A practising lawyer admitted in the High Court, another federal court or the Supreme Court of a State or Territory for not less than 5 years.
  2. A minimum 5 years’ experience at a high level in industry, commerce, business, public administration, education or the practice of a profession.
  3. A degree from a university, or an educational qualification of a similar standing, in law, economics or public administration.
  4. Special knowledge or skill relevant to the duties of a member.

Other skills and attributes

In addition the following skills and attributes are sought:

  • Significant experience in a copyright or other intellectual property-related field or industry.
  • Economics analysis skills would be desirable but not essential.
  • Conceptual and analytical skills, including the capacity to identify relevant issues, to determine facts, to interpret and apply legislation and to assess competing arguments and evidence.
  • The ability to contribute specialist knowledge and skill to multi-member panels made up of judicial and non-judicial members.
  • The ability to deliver clear, concise and cogent oral and written reasons for decisions in a timely manner.
  • The ability to manage cases and conduct hearings fairly and efficiently.
  • Availability to meet the Tribunal’s variable caseload and infrequent hearings.
  • Integrity and impartiality.

Three year appointment terms are proposed and members will be eligible for re-appointment. Non-judicial appointments to the Tribunal are on a part-time basis.

Remuneration is set by the Remuneration Tribunal. Remuneration details are found in the Principal Determination – Judicial and Related Offices – Rumuneration and Allowances (as at 1 January 2016)


Applications, including a statement specifying how the selection criteria are satisfied, are to be made to copyrighttribunal [at] communications.gov.au by Friday, 4 March 2016.

Any questions regarding the position should be referred to Angela Flannery, General Counsel, Department of Communications and the Arts, angela.flannery [at] communications.gov.au or 02 8023 3782.