Regional and Small Publishers Cadetships Program


The Government is supporting 200 cadetships over two years through the Regional and Small Publishers Cadetship Program to drive employment opportunities in regional media and ensure journalists continue to provide informative and compelling regional news.

Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST)—fact sheet


The majority of Australians receive TV signals from local transmission towers. However, there will always be places that cannot receive a reliable TV signal from a tower and need to rely on satellite. The Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service provides free-to-air TV services over satellite for around 200,000 homes and businesses in mainly regional and remote locations where reliable reception is not available. VAST is also used by people who have mobile homes and caravans, with mobile satellite reception equipment.

Grant reporting 2016–17—Arts Division


A grant is a conditional transfer of resources from the Australian Government to a recipient for a specified purpose. Grants are directed at assisting recipients to achieve their own goals whilst also supporting Australian Government policy objectives. This list was last updated on 29 May 2018.


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