Fact sheet: Online Safety Research Program


The Online Safety Research program will build a comprehensive and consistent evidence base to inform online safety policies and programs, and ensure that initiatives by Government and others have meaningful on-the-ground impact in protecting vulnerable Australians, particularly children. The program will run until 30 June 2023 at a cost of $3.8 million over five years.

Fact sheet: Early Years Online Safety Program


The Early Years Online Safety Program will provide tailored training, support and resources for the early childhood sector. The program will run until 30 June 2020 and provide the Office of the eSafety Commissioner (eSafety Office) with an additional $2.5 million over two years.

Fact sheet: Online Safety Charter


The Online Safety Charter will set out the Government’s expectations for social media services, content hosts and other technology companies in enhancing online safety for Australian users.


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