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18 December 2020
Encouraging the adoption of new technologies in agriculture and health is a priority for the Australian Broadband Advisory Council.
Female farmer wearing blue overalls consults a tablet device while tending cattle in a shed.
Phone: services, pricing, regulation. Emergency call services
16 December 2020
Advanced Mobile Location has been deployed in Australia
A graphic representation of a mobile phone in a hand, with the letter AML. In the background are concentrivc circles representing signals. The background, phone and hand are different shades of blue.
Bureau of Communications, Arts and Regional Research Bureau of Communications, Arts and Regional Research
11 December 2020
Analysis shows Australians are taking up higher speed broadband plans.
Woman using a laptop on an office desk.
9 December 2020
Hundreds of satellite dishes to be installed on emergency buildings such as Rural Fire Service depots around Australia.
Commercial van on the street using an NBN satellite dish.
Internet: NBN, Online safety, consumer safeguards. Internet
27 November 2020
New analysis shows Australia's fixed broadband performs strongly on key indicators.
People sitting at a table with a mobile device and papers.
Internet: NBN, Online safety, consumer safeguards. Internet
25 November 2020
The new report examines trends across key sectors of the economy in response to COVID-19.
A worker in high vis jacket and hard hat holds up a tablet in front of them looking at at construction site
Spectrum: wireless, frequencies, radio, EME Spectrum
13 November 2020
We want to hear your views on the design of the Australian 5G Innovation Initiative.
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Accesshub Accesshub
4 November 2020
You will soon need to register to continue to use the National Relay Service (NRS) to make calls.
A hearing impaired man is sitting on a couch with a woman. They are both smiling and watching the screen of a smart phone while entering text.
Spectrum: wireless, frequencies, radio, EME Spectrum
4 November 2020
Spectrum in the 850 and 900 MHz bands will be re-allocated to support 4G and 5G mobile services.
Woman and male tradies on a building site using mobile devices.
4 November 2020
5G has been described as a “game changer” and there’s a lot of information and opinions about it. Some of it is accurate but a lot of it isn’t. ...
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