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Copyright Copyright
23 December 2015
We have released for public comment proposed changes to Australia’s copyright laws designed to modernise and improve their workability.
Image of the wiring inside a lightbulb.
Phone: services, pricing, regulation. Phone
22 December 2015
Away from your WiFi and with more time to spare, it’s easy to exceed mobile data limits and find yourself facing a hefty bill.
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Phone: services, pricing, regulation. Mobile services and coverage
21 December 2015
The first regional mobile base stations under the Mobile Black Spot Programme have been switched on.
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Phone: services, pricing, regulation. Phone
18 December 2015
With the deadline for Round 2 nominations coming up quickly, our FAQs are here to help.
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Internet: NBN, competition, consumer safeguards. Internet
18 December 2015
Australians are digital creatures of habit – we need to access information on the go, be entertained and like to shop online. We take a look at...
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Classification Classification
15 December 2015
Are you planning on taking your kids to the movies this school holidays? Maybe they are old enough to take themselves? Or thinking of buying the...
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Phone: services, pricing, regulation. Phone
11 December 2015
The digitisation of services, entertainment and media has accelerated in 2015, undermining established business models and throwing up policy...
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Copyright Copyright
11 December 2015
Australia has joined an international treaty that will help an estimated 285 million people with vision impairment worldwide enjoy greater access...
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Phone: services, pricing, regulation. Phone
9 December 2015
Do you live in an area with poor mobile coverage? Don't forget to nominate it for Round 2 of the Mobile Black Spot Programme by 31 December 2015.
Person using a mobile phone outdoors in an area with native growth.
4 December 2015
New and converging digital technologies are disrupting the way we do business and old regulation needs to keep up.
Infographic—portfolio highlights. 2015—20+ comms deregulation initiatives. Reduce red tape on businesses in telecommunications, broadcasting, radiocommunications & postal sectors. Expected to generate $250m+ compliance savings for businesses yearly.