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Spectrum: wireless, frequencies, radio, EME Spectrum
12 May 2021
The outcomes of the highly anticipated 26 GHz band spectrum auction have been announced.
City at night connected with networks.
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11 May 2021
Australia’s communications, media and arts sectors are set to get a boost as part of the 2021-22 Federal Budget.
Budget 2021-22
Spectrum: wireless, frequencies, radio, EME Spectrum
27 April 2021
The Government is seeking feedback on an exposure draft of an allocation limits direction for the 850/900 MHz spectrum auction.
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Accesshub Accesshub
19 April 2021
All users must now be registered to make and receive calls through the National Relay Service (NRS).
Young man wearing hearing aid working on a laptop that is open on his lap next to a young woman who is looking at the laptop and holding a phone.
Accesshub Accesshub
19 April 2021
From today (Tuesday 20 April 2021) all users must now be registered to make and receive calls through the National Relay Service (NRS). Here is...
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Internet: NBN, Online safety, consumer safeguards. Internet
16 April 2021
More than 80 projects funded under the Regional Connectivity Program will provide people in Regional Australia access to improved broadband...
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6 April 2021
Two new scientific reviews from Australian researchers have found no evidence of adverse health effect from radio waves used in 5G.
People standing in line using their smartphones. The hand and smart phone of the first person is able to be seen clearly, with the clarity of the people in positions two to five becoming less clear or fading out.
Copyright Copyright
6 April 2021
The Government has released the results of the 2020 online copyright infringement survey.
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1 April 2021
Follow these steps to stay connected even if communication networks go down while travelling.
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29 March 2021
Australia is leading the way in new safety standards for radio waves and wireless communications, including Wi-Fi and 5G.
Woman sitting in front of laptop and looking at a mobile device in her hand.