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4 September 2020
Our 2020-21 Corporate Plan describes our purposes and activities, and how our work touches every Australian community and underpins our economy and...
2020-21 Corporate plan now availabile.
Television: licensing, advertising, SBS and ABC. Television
4 September 2020
Applications are now open for non-executive directors for the ABC and SBS Boards.
Board room
3 September 2020
What do we know about EME?
Top down view of person with black braided hair, wearing a yellow shirt typing on a laptop. There is a takeaway hot drink cup to their left.
Internet: NBN, Online safety, consumer safeguards. Internet
1 September 2020
People moving into new real estate developments, whether broadacre estates or apartment blocks, expect ready access to modern telecommunications....
Two adults and a child sit around a table. The adults smiling and payning attention to the child.
Internet: NBN, Online safety, consumer safeguards. Internet
31 August 2020
Consultation is now open on options for the installation of telecommunications pit and pipe in new developments.
Plastic conduit ready to be installed
Internet: NBN, Online safety, consumer safeguards. Internet
27 August 2020
The Government has announced new broadband SIPs.
Couple looking at their laptop from a home environment.
Internet: NBN, Online safety, consumer safeguards. Internet
14 August 2020
Consultations are open on the final stage of the Consumer Safeguards Review.
Image looking down on a table of people using laptops and mobile devices including three mugs of coffee and a pair of cordless headphones sitting in the middle of the table.
Copyright Copyright
13 August 2020
Learn more about the Government’s proposed copyright reforms to better support the needs of Australians and our public institutions.
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Spectrum: wireless, frequencies, radio, EME Spectrum
13 August 2020
A 1 GHz allocation limit has been announced for spectrum in the 26 GHz band.
A blue tinged daylight city scape with wifi and other technology symbols superimposed
Phone: services, pricing, regulation. Phone
4 August 2020
Applications are now open to the AVST program
Rural house on the side of a hill in an open area below a forested area. The grass is dry.