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Copyright Copyright
4 February 2016
The Australian Government is looking to appoint up to two new part-time non-judicial members to the Copyright Tribunal of Australia.
Copyright Tribunal vacancies
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1 February 2016
The Government has released its final Migration Assurance Policy for fixed-line national broadband network (NBN) services.
New policy to guide NBN migration
25 January 2016
This Australia Day we take a look at Australia's communications landscape; a landscape as vast and diverse as our natural one.
Image of a windmill, payphone, satellite dish, mobile phone tower and truck carrying postal items.
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20 January 2016
Now that round 2 mobile black spot nominations have closed, here’s what you need to know about the next stage of the programme.
Nominations have closed. What happens next?
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20 January 2016
We took a look at the devices on display to identify the communication technologies that could be entering Australian homes soon. A key theme that...
CES 2016—Old ideas moving closer to success
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11 January 2016
Ten things you need to know about the Mobile Black Spot Programme.
Mobile black spot 101
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7 January 2016
Are you interested in finding out about the latest issues across the communications sector?
Check out our new podcast - CommsCast
Classification Classification
6 January 2016
A new online classifications registration portal is proving to be popular with film festival organisers and computer game expos with almost 200...
New Classification Portal a hit for Festival Organisers
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23 December 2015
Do you live in or travel through an annoying mobile black spot area in regional and rural Australia?
Person using a mobile phone outdoors in an area with native growth.
Copyright Copyright
23 December 2015
We have released for public comment proposed changes to Australia’s copyright laws designed to modernise and improve their workability.
Image of the wiring inside a lightbulb.