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8 July 2014
Joint Press Release between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan and the Department of Communications of Australia upon...
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1 June 2014
We commissioned three youth cyber-bullying research projects to help us develop a new, simplified cyber-bullying offence or a civil enforcement...
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16 May 2014
The Panel of Experts has prepared an Analytical Framework to support the independent cost–benefit analysis of the national broadband network (NBN).
13 May 2014
The 2014-15 Budget provides more than $7.0 billion to further work in the communications sector.
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2 May 2014
The Government has given NBN Co a Statement of Expectations to guide the next steps in delivering the NBN.
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1 May 2014
The Centre for International Economics has released its report into the economics of retail price controls that currently apply to fixed line...
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7 March 2014
The independent audit of NBN Co has been released. It looks at the public policy processes that led to the establishment of the NBN.
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27 February 2014
Residents and travellers in rural and remote Australia have just over a month to apply to purchase new satellite phones before the close of the...
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20 February 2014
We have finished a comprehensive analysis of broadband availability and quality in more than 78,000 areas of Australia.
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6 February 2014
The Government agreed that charging for unlisted numbers should not be prohibited.