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20 February 2014
We have finished a comprehensive analysis of broadband availability and quality in more than 78,000 areas of Australia.
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6 February 2014
The Government agreed that charging for unlisted numbers should not be prohibited.
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12 December 2013
NBN Co has released a strategic review of its costs, structure, commercial prospects and strategic plans.
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12 December 2013
A Panel of Experts will look at the economic and social costs and benefits from the various broadband technologies available for the NBN.
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14 November 2013
National Telework Week, 18–22 November 2013, is calling on Australian employers commencing 2014 workforce planning to consider telework as a viable...
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16 March 2012
Every three to four years, a World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) is held to consider revisions to the ITU Radio Regulations.
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24 December 2011
The Telecommunications (Fibre-Ready Facilities in Real Estate Development Projects and Other Matters) Instrument 2011 took effect today.
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1 December 2011
The Communications Alliance has released its Fibre Ready Pit and Pipe Specification for Real Estate Development Projects (G645:2011).