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Spectrum icon Spectrum
25 May 2017
Consultations are now open for the biggest reforms to Australia's spectrum management in over 25 years.
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Internet icon Internet
22 May 2017
Existing criminal laws have led to the conviction of ‘revenge porn’ perpetrators in the past, so why are civil penalties necessary?
Copyright Copyright
15 May 2017
Bill to improve access to copyright material for disability, education, library and archive sectors passed by Parliament.
Updating Australia’s copyright laws
9 May 2017
Broadcasting, Australian content and funding for Australia’s national cultural institutions key features of our portfolio’s 2017-18 Federal Budget.
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TV icon Television
6 May 2017
The Government will introduce a comprehensive package of reforms that will support Australia’s broadcast sector.
4 May 2017
Entries are now open for this year’s Prime Minister’s Literary Awards.
Submit now for 2017 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards
27 April 2017
We’re looking at inspiring women in the Australian ICT sector to celebrate Girls in ICT Day.
Copyright Copyright
24 April 2017
The Australian Government announced it will undertake further consultation with stakeholders on the extension of the safe harbour provisions in the...
Digital Business Digital Business
Internet icon Internet
13 April 2017
The Australian Government has tabled a report in Parliament of the review into access to telecommunications data in civil proceedings.
Pages of a printed report being flicked through.
Spectrum icon Spectrum
13 April 2017
The government announced that all spectrum on offer in the unallocated 700 MHz spectrum band was sold in a competitive auction for a total of $1.55...
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