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Classification Classification
22 December 2017
Know the ratings of some of the major films and computer games released over the 2017–18 summer.
Boy at the movies eating popcorn
Classification Classification
21 December 2016
Be informed before you head to the movies this summer with our breakdown of the classifications of this summer's blockbuster films.
People sitting on chairs at an outdoor movie theatre.
Classification Classification
7 December 2016
The Minister for Communications has announced that Australia will conduct a 12 month pilot of the Netflix classification tool.
Minister for Communications and the Arts Mitch Fifield and Mike Hastings, Director of Enhanced Content at Netflix
Classification Classification
23 November 2016
Hoyts and Village Cinemas now give you more access to consumer advice for your movie-going adventures.
Classification logos - G, PG, M, MA 15+, R, R 18+.
Classification Classification
6 May 2016
Did you know that three classification categories have something in common? The PG, M and MA 15+ classifications all refer to 15 years of age in...
Classification logos - PG, M, MA 15+.
Classification Classification
4 May 2016
'CTC' or 'Check the Classification' allows advertising for upcoming releases to start well before they are classified in Australia—sometimes even...
People sitting in movie theatre and the words 'check the classification' is on the screen at the front.
Classification Classification
6 January 2016
A new online classifications registration portal is proving to be popular with film festival organisers and computer game expos with almost 200...
New Classification Portal a hit for Festival Organisers
Classification Classification
15 December 2015
Are you planning on taking your kids to the movies this school holidays? Maybe they are old enough to take themselves? Or thinking of buying the...
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