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17 June 2021
Learn about the history of Electromagnetic Energy (EME) and the important role it plays in our day-to-day lives.
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17 June 2021
Learn about the basic principles of EME so you can better understand how it plays a role in our lives, safely.
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17 June 2021
Learn about Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy (RF EME) and how it is researched to make sure it is safe.
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6 April 2021
Two new scientific reviews from Australian researchers have found no evidence of adverse health effect from radio waves used in 5G.
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29 March 2021
Australia is leading the way in new safety standards for radio waves and wireless communications, including Wi-Fi and 5G.
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22 December 2020
The science about its safety is clear.
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4 November 2020
5G has been described as a “game changer” and there’s a lot of information and opinions about it. Some of it is accurate but a lot of it isn’t. ...
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11 September 2020
Have your say on ARPANSA’s new exposure standard for radio frequency EME.
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3 September 2020
What do we know about EME?
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20 May 2020
Be on the lookout for misinformation that falsely links 5G to COVID-19.
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