Girls in ICT Day is an annual International Telecommunications Union (ITU) event.

1 April 2016

Girls in ICT Day 28 April 2016

What is 'Girls in ICT Day'?

Girls in ICT Day is an annual International Telecommunications Union (ITU) event. The day aims to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the information and communication technology sector (ICT).

Under the theme 'Expanding horizons, changing attitudes,' the Girls in ICT Day raises awareness of career opportunities for young women, promotes role models working in the sector and challenges the stereotype that studying ICT subjects is not for girls.

In 2016 Girls in ICT Day will be held on 28 April.

Why do we need to promote opportunities for women in ICT?

Globally, the ICT sector is dominated by male employees.

The recent Deloitte Access Economics: Australia's Digital Pulse—2016 report indicated that females make up only 28% of Australia's ICT workforce. And with only one in four information technology graduates in Australia being female the statistics are not going to change in the short term.

As the information age evolves and ICT continues to be a growth sector, there is an increasing demand for skilled ICT employees.

What can you do for 'Girls in ICT Day'

Girls in ICT Day is an opportunity for all businesses, organisations and educational institutions to look at how they can promote the opportunities that are available to girls in the ICT sector, challenge stereotypes and provide opportunities for girls to develop and improve their ICT skills.

From coding, 3D printing, technology in art, developing apps organising an open days the ITU has provided suggested activities and developed a tool-kit that can be used by organisations for Girls in ICT Day.

Last year on Girls in ICT Day, our department shared videos from women working in the ICT sector, asking them about the challenges for females interested in IT and what message they would give to a young girl interested in pursuing a career.

Managing Director and Chief Digital Officer of the Centre for Digital Business, Marie Johnson advised 'Technology is an amazingly creative profession. It touches every part of life. I would say think big, be curious.'

Federal Director at Microsoft Australia, Hala Batainah said 'Don't take no for an answer. If you're really passionate about it, if you really want to know more about it, find a way to go and find out about it'.

This year we will be building a video library of female role models, showcasing females working in ICT roles in our department.

Further information is available on the ITU Girls in ICT Portal or keep updated via the ITU Girls in ICT Facebook page or following #GirlsinICT on Twitter.