Broadcast timeline: Paralympic Games

8 September 2016

The global television audience for the Paralympic Games has been increasing since the television rights were first sold for the Seoul Games in 1988. Four years ago the global audience reached 3.8 billion viewers.

This year the Seven Network will broadcast 14 hours per day of live coverage from the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Let's take a look at the timeline of television broadcasting for the Paralympic Games.

 Sydney 100 hours of Paralympic Games footage / global audience 300 million 2004: Athens 617 hours of Paralympic Games broadcast / global audience 1.852 billion 2008: Beijing global television audience of 3.8 billion 2012: London broadcast over 100 countries - global television audience 3.8 billion 2016: Rio - Seven Network will be the first commercial Australian free-to-air broadcaster to provide coverage of the Paralympic Games

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