Introducing mixed reality as a mainstay of digital media. 

During Innovation Month, augmented reality developer Rob Manson, from BuildAR, shared his insights into the potential benefits of the technology for government.

20 July 2015

He explained how augmented reality has moved from a technology perceived as gimmicky to having applications which make a real difference, such as:

Augmented reality applications range from what Rob described as 'terminator vision'—information overlays on real-world footage or video feeds—to interactive virtual objects projected into the world around us.

A challenge for augmented reality developers is getting people from 'know to go'. It can take as many as 17 steps for someone going from discovering an augmented reality experience to using it and interest quickly wanes. BuildAR is working on a three-step process so that the augmented reality experience is quick and easy.

Australian Government departments can potentially add 'mixed reality' technology (augmented reality, virtual reality, etc) to their communication toolbox. Rob believes the goal should be for us to use augmented reality without realising it, in the same way we currently use phones. People don't need to understand the technology, they just want the 'digital magic' to happen seamlessly.

Watch the Want Another Reality presentation below:

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