Watch how communities in Queensland are benefiting from the Mobile Black Spot Program and the NBN Sky Muster satellite.

10 January 2018

Communities in regional Australia are more connected than ever before, thanks to the Mobile Black Spot Program and the National Broadband Network’s (NBN) Sky Muster satellite connections.

The central Queensland town of Clarke Creek received a mobile tower under Round 1 of the Mobile Black Spot Program. The tower brought huge benefits to the small community of Clarke Creek.

 “With the mobile tower we can get information straight away. It’s made it a lot more efficient,” said Phil Conaghan, owner of Barmount Feedlot.

The benefits are also being felt at Clarke Creek State School, where greater access to communications technology is helping to prepare students for their future.

The Mobile Black Spot Program is delivering better mobile coverage to communities across Australia.


The NBN Sky Muster service has transformed the way remote students from the Longreach School of Distance Education interact and learn.

“It totally changes the way you can deliver school … it makes a massive difference to their participation in on-air lessons, their ability to research materials and the ability to be involved with other students socially,” said Rachael Webster, parent from Longreach School of Distance Education.

“Our ability to function as a business and to be able to educate the kids is phenomenal,” she said.

The NBN will connect all Australians to faster, more reliable broadband by 2020