The transition to a new provider for the National Relay Service (NRS) has been a significant undertaking. We would like to thank all NRS users and those involved for their patience and support during the transition phase over the past six months.

5 December 2019

The transition was made possible thanks to the ongoing commitment by Concentrix and ACE staff, including their engineers and telcos, to maintain a high level of service continuity.

We welcome feedback on how the delivery of services can be improved.  As the transition process finishes, Concentrix will be commencing an ongoing program of improvement to address all user feedback.

If you are experiencing any issues during this transition, please contact the NRS Helpdesk. Frequently asked questions are also  below which may address your query.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: I am being directed to the old NRS Chat call page. What should I do?


Website browsers ‘cache’ or temporarily store elements of websites that you visit, such as images and documents, to reduce bandwidth usage and allow them to load faster next time you visit. Most users who go to the old NRS Internet Relay call page are re-directed automatically straight to the new NRS Chat call page. However, some web browsers are retaining the old NRS call page which results in an error message. The new NRS Chat call page is at

If you are experiencing this, follow the links below to find information on how to clear your cache for each main web browser type. If you use a different web browser and need help clearing the cache, please contact the NRS Helpdesk.

Windows: How to delete the contents of the Temporary Internet Files Folder
Google Chrome: Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help
Apple Safari: Safari - Clear the browser cache
Mozilla Firefox: How to clear the Firefox cache | How to | Mozilla Support

Question 2: I am receiving error messages or being blocked when visiting the NRS Chat call page. What should I do?


Some users are accessing the NRS Chat call page through overseas Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and are being blocked. Due to a shortage of internet addresses in Australia, some internet service providers use overseas IP addresses. If you are receiving an error message please contact the NRS Helpdesk for this issue to be resolved. 

Question 3: I experienced a long wait time. Has this been resolved?


Users have experienced longer than normal wait times following the opening of the new NRS Chat service, previously known as Internet Relay, during peak times as demand was greater than expected.  

No action is required. Concentrix is engaging more staff at peak times and changing rosters to resolve this issue.

Question 4: I can’t find the new NRS app in the Google Play Store for my Android device. What should I do?


Some users may not be able to see the NRS app on the Google Play Store when searched. The app is in the Store but because of the low number of downloads (being a new app) the Google algorithms are not showing it in initial searches. You can download the app for Android directly via our direct link or by searching the Store using the words “National Relay Service”.

Where do I go for help or more information?

Read our fact sheets and instruction sheets on Accesshub or contact the NRS Helpdesk for more information or assistance. If you experience any issues using the NRS, the Helpdesk is also there to assist. 

The NRS Helpdesk is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm (AEST, excluding national public holidays). You can also leave a message outside these hours and a Helpdesk staff member will get back to you.

There are a number of ways to make contact with Helpdesk staff:
Phone: 1800 555 660
TTY: 1800 555 630
Fax:  1800 555 690
SMS: 0416 001 350
Online: Online form
Email: helpdesk [at]   
Post: PO Box 823, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012

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