Australian schools have come together today to promote a bullying free environment for students.

16 March 2018

Almost 3,000 schools across Australia are participating in the 8th National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence to share their ideas and take a stand against bullying in and outside of the playground.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner are supporting the day by offering free virtual classrooms to help combat cyber bullying in schools including in remote areas.

The virtual classrooms empower students to identify what they can do as bystanders to prevent online bullying, learn strategies to manage online friendships and propose ways to share information about local services available for help with cyber bulling issues.

The eSafety Office have also updated their cyber bullying online complaints form to make it easier for young people to report bullying or harassment.

Infographic. Cyber-bullying what can you do? National day of action against bullying and violence, Friday 16 March 2018. Students – Being bullied or know someone who is? Go to Teachers – Educational resources. Go to Parents – Want to teach your kids about being safe online? Go to

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