The Department of Communications and the Arts and the Attorney-General’s Department have published submissions made to the review of access to retained telecommunications data in civil proceedings

8 March 2017

The Department of Communications and the Arts and the Attorney-General's Department are reviewing the restriction on civil litigants' access to telecommunications data retained solely to comply with the data retention scheme. The review is considering whether this data should be available for civil justice purposes, and if so, in what circumstances. The review is also considering the regulatory burden on the telecommunications industry in responding to these requests, and the privacy of communications.

The period for providing submissions to the review concluded on Friday 27 January 2017 and have now been made public.

The Minister for Communications and the Attorney-General are due to table a report in the Parliament on the findings of the review by 13 April 2017. The submissions will inform the Government’s consideration of the issue.

Further information about the review is available on the Attorney-General’s Department’s website.