1 September 2020

People moving into new real estate developments, whether broadacre estates or apartment blocks, expect ready access to modern telecommunications.

The Telecommunications in New Developments (TIND) policy provides stakeholders with guidance on this important matter.

Following a review, the policy has been revised in light of changes in the telecommunications market, including the completion of the NBN, the growth in competition and enactment of the SIP regime.

Many core elements of the policy continue unchanged. For example, developers remain responsible for organising telecommunications for their developments, and continue to be able to choose the carrier of their choice in a competitive marketplace. Carriers continue to be able to charge for infrastructure.

The main changes give NBN Co greater flexibility to respond to an increasingly competitive marketplace. NBN Co has flexibility to charge below the maximum prices set out in the policy. NBN Co will also have greater flexibility to install competing infrastructure where it is commercially viable.

The updated TIND policy is available here.